Missing teeth often make it difficult to leave the house. Dental implants offer a solution that closely resembles nature’s design. You can eat, laugh, and communicate with renewed confidence thanks to an implant-supported tooth. Our doctors at Lumina Dental have received extensive training in smile design and full-mouth repair. During a consultation and review of your medical history and oral health, they can evaluate if dental implants are the best answer for your smile and how much are dental implants in Brandon.

Why is it necessary to replace lost teeth?

The more teeth you are losing, the worse your health will be. Gaps caused by missing teeth will cause the jaw to move and change. This will damage your ability to chew correctly over time, and it may impair your diet and nutrition. 

When a tooth is removed, the bone under it decreases. When this happens, the skin surrounding the lips lacks the support it requires and begins to droop, producing the impression of premature aging.

Replacing lost teeth can be done in a variety of ways. Dental implants, on the other hand, are the only option to keep the bone from deteriorating.

Are there any alternatives to dental implants for replacing lost teeth?

Yes, there are a few choices. For short-term aesthetic solutions, removable options like dentures, partial dentures, and flippers may suffice. The denture, however, is not entirely fastened, which can result in speech issues, pain, a gag reflex, and trouble chewing and eating. The jawbone will continue to decrease with a removable denture.

A dental bridge is a permanent treatment cemented in the mouth, although it has certain drawbacks. At least two teeth on either side of the gap must be filed down and capped before a dental bridge may be placed. Those supporting teeth may get weaker with time, making them more vulnerable to decay. A dental bridge is considerably more challenging to keep clean at home than single teeth.

The benefits of using an implant to replace a single tooth outweigh the disadvantages of choices. Because the dental implant is secured in the bone, you will have a tooth that feels and looks natural. Flossing around the implant tooth makes it simpler to keep clean over time. The only option to keep the bone from shrinking is to use dental implants.

Who Can Benefit from Dental Implants?

Dental implants may appear to be difficult, yet they make perfect sense when you study the anatomy of a tooth. A tooth comprises two parts: the root, which extends into the jawbone, and the crown, which is visible above the gum line. There are two elements to a dental implant as well. The implant fixture replaces the root component of the tooth, and the visible piece of the tooth is replaced with a custom-made crown. Doctors can use dental implants to repair a single lost tooth or to support a bridge or denture. Implants have several advantages over traditional methods, even though they require a quick operation and recovery period.

A single tooth is missing.

A dental implant post is utilized to support a dental crown for a single missing tooth, restoring your flawless smile. Because the implant is robust enough to hold the crown independently, no modifications to surrounding teeth are required.

Missing Several Teeth

An implant-supported fixed bridge is employed to repair and replace numerous consecutive teeth. Two dental implant posts, one at each end, support these restorations. Our doctors utilize a partial denture supported by two to four dental implant posts for both straight and nonconsecutive lost teeth.

All of your teeth are missing.

Four to six dental implant posts are used to support a complete denture when a whole row of teeth is lost. Implant restorations can be affixed to either the bottom or top arch, and they can also be detachable or fixed, according to your preferences.

 Dental Implants Cost Brandon

The cost of dental implants varies greatly depending on the treatment to be conducted and the essential preliminaries; we suggest that you speak with our team about the cost of dental implants. Our inexpensive dental implants may often help you better manage dental implant costs and guarantee that you have the most financial flexibility when handling these essential expenses.

Does Insurance cover dental Implants?

Unless your dental coverage expressly covers dental implants, it’s doubtful that your insurance company will cover the entire cost of your dental implants. Some insurance, however, may cover a part of the prep work or the procedure itself. We can help you figure out if your dental implant insurance will cover any part of your procedure, and we can recommend economic dental implant choices that can significantly minimize your out-of-pocket expenses.

Taking extra care after surgery.

You may have some minor pain or discomfort around the surgical site after getting dental implants. This is very natural and may typically be treated with over-the-counter pain relievers like acetaminophen or ibuprofen. In rare circumstances, your dentist may recommend a more potent pain reliever. You may typically continue your typical oral hygiene practice once your dental implants have healed and your crown or bridge has been installed.

Do I Qualify for Dental Implants?

Most patients may benefit from the confidence and comfort that sophisticated dental procedures like dental implants may bring, thanks to advancements in the industry. You may find out if you’re a good candidate for endosteal or subperiosteal operations by making an appointment with our Brandon dental implant specialists.

What Is the Life Expectancy of Dental Implants?

While some dental implants have been reported to endure for the rest of their owners’ lives, the average lifetime of these devices is about ten years. Dental implants can be changed if necessary; however, frequent cleaning, flossing, and dental appointments can considerably increase the life of your dental implants.


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