Frequently Asked Questions

The answers you need to make an informed decision.

We are always happy to grow our family with new patients. New patient appointments are available daily, call us now!

We accept all PPO plans and offer a discount to HMO, Medicare and patients without insurance.

There are thousands of insurance companies all with unique offerings; at Lumina Dental we will call YOUR insurance company for you to help you determine your coverage benefits. A treatment coordinator will review your benefits with you on your first visit.

If this is your first visit to our office, simply call us or text our offices and the receptionist will re-schedule you up to two times. If you miss more than two appointments they may see you on a walk-in basis.

We do not charge for copies of x-rays.

Yes, we offer a variety of payments plans up to 24 months with NO interest! We also offer extended payment plans that extend up to 72 months.

It’s extremely difficult to post a menu of prices as they vary from patient to patient. Dentistry procedures can be complex and it can be extremely difficult to quote you over the telephone. We will be happy to give you a price range over the telephone, however, we can not guarantee any pricing until proper X-rays and an examination is performed.

Don’t Panic! It is very important that you are seen within 1 to 2 days after it falls off, call us now at your office. immediately. In the meantime, you can visit your local CVS or Walgreens drugstore and purchase a product called “Temp-Off” or any other temporary material to temporarily cement until your appointment. If the temporary is broken, schedule with our office immediately to make you a new one (no cost). Or simply place a dab of toothpaste in the temporary crown and place it back on if possible.

Call the office to schedule a free easy 15 minutes adjustment, It is possible that the ligament that surrounds your tooth is inflamed and can be irritated from the temporary sitting too high.

Crowns usually fall off because bacteria have eaten away the tooth under the crown causing the seal to break and popping off the crown. This is not always the case though and it’s important that you call us immediately after any crown falls off. The risk of needing a root canal becomes much greater after you lose a crown.

How long your crown will last will depend on how well you clean and take care of it. The ADA usually rates the lifetime of crowns to last an average of 10 years, however, we have seen many well-taken care of crowns last 30 years plus.

YES, absolutely as long as there is no decay present and there is sufficient tooth to allow another filling. Evaluation necessary.

Slight sensitivity is normal after a filling procedure, however, when you bite your teeth together if you feel like you’re biting on the filling first and unevenly, call our office for a simple adjustment.