$88 month includes dental implant, abutment attachment and crown

Smiling every day is already part of our life. We can’t live without smiling; it builds trust, makes you feel confident and helps you express your mood. When you lose a tooth, it becomes frustrating  as you might find yourself embarrassed to smile in public. .

At Lumina Dental in Tampa Bay we provide dental implant services, an efficient way to replace your tooth and recover your beautiful smile.

A dental implant is essentially a titanium pin inserted into the jawbone. The titanium pin is lightweight and biocompatible. After a period of healing, it will function in a similar manner to the root of a natural tooth.

The procedure is quick, painless and can be completed in one visit, once the implant is placed and healed, the final restoration of your tooth can be completed.

A Crown, Implant Bridge, or Overdentures can be placed over the implant to restore function. They are considered the longest-term restorations and are comfortable, natural looking and function effectively.

Can anyone get dental implants?

According to your medical & dental history and to your jaw bone quantity and quality, your dentist will determine  whetheryou are a good candidate for dental implants or not.

Is the implant surgery painful?

The dentist will give you local anesthesia or   sedation so that you can relax during surgery. Pain after surgery is minimal, but about 50% of the patients reported some swelling. f Your dentist will prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs and pain killers to help with these after effects.

Can I have fixed prosthesis on the same day of the implant surgery?

Generally, you should wait between 3-6 months for complete bone integration before loading of the fixed prosthesis, however, in some recent implant systems loading of the bridge can be done within few weeks. Determination of timing is done on a case by case basis..

How long will the dental implant last?

In the last five years, the dental implant success rate has varied  from 95% to 98%, so for most patients, once the bone integration occurs, the dental implant will last in your jawforever.
The fixed prosthesis can last up to 15 years.

What should I do to ensure long term success of a dental implant?

You should take care of your artificial teeth as if they are natural; brush your teeth twice per day and visit your dentist for a regular checkup.



Benefits of Dental Implants

  • Functions almost identically to natural teeth
  • Helps preserve facial structure
  • Aids in chewing to help reduce malnutrition
  • Easy to clean and care for
  • Typically, will last patient their entire life with proper care
  • Restores smiles

Evaluation is needed by our dentist to determine if you’re a candidate for a dental implant., Call us today to schedule your visit at Lumina Dental in Tampa Bay, Florida.

Do you have a missing tooth or teeth?

Are you partially  or completely edentulous?

The solution is here for you!!

What is a dental implant?

It is a root-form titanium screw that is placed in the jaw bone and acts like the natural  tooth root. It supports either fixed prosthesis like crowns & bridges or removable ones such as over-dentures.

What are the advantages of dental implant?

This seems odd. Why do you have benefits and advantages as two separate things? Usually advantage would be over something else.

  1. It restores function, esthetic & phonetics.
  2. It prevents further bone resorption.
  3. It can replace a single tooth or a full set of teeth.
  4. Dental implants look and feel completely natural, unlike removable dentures, and are the perfect choice to make you feel more confident.