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Any cleaning type with a registered dental Hygienist

Membership Information

To become a member of our hygiene club, you have to be established as a patient. The initial visit at Lumina Dental is $79 out of pocket and is usually covered 100% by PPO Plans and HMO dental plans. 

After becoming established as a New Patient, signing up for our Hygiene club is very simple! Our Membership is a one-time fee of $99 and a monthly recurring $29.99/month for standard members and $39.95/month for premium member status.  Premium Members enjoy extra discounts such as 50% off Custom Whitening Trays and 10% off all dental work going forward. Memberships are a 12-month minimum with automatic renewal.

Our staff takes your safety and health at utmost importance.
As we start returning to normalcy, we welcome the chance to serve you.


  • “Deep Cleanings” -Scaling and Root Planing Dental Code D4341, D4342, Any quadrants, limited to two quadrants (half mouth)  per visit.
  • Full Mouth Debridement’s   Dental Code D4355
  • Periodontal Maintenance Visits Dental Code D4910
  • Regular Prophylaxis Cleaning (Prevention) D1110
  • Implant Debridement’s and cleanings
Note: The first visit is reserved for becoming a new patient, evaluating, and setting up your cleaning appointments with our hygienists.

Fee Schedule

As an established patient, you may call and set up hygiene appointments effortlessly and as regular desired.  Please note that a 48-hour notice by phone is required to cancel any appointment without penalty.  As a courtesy, we will offer a one-time zero charge for the first missed appointment.  Missed appointment fee $40. This is a 12-month membership agreement that auto-renews automatically. $99 is a non-refundable administrative cost to set up a membership plan. To cancel with no additional penalties, membership must be canceled in writing before any work begins.  If it is canceled any time after your Initial hygiene visit, $99 down payment is nonrefundable and you will be responsible for the regular cost of your appointments outside of membership.
  • D4341 Scaling and Root Planing/Quadrant $325
  • D9215 Irrigation $35/Quadrant
  • D4355 Full Mouth Debridement $185
  • D1110 Prophylaxis Cleaning $105
  • D4910 Periodontal Maintenance $125


See what our patients have to say

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Aranis Rivera Lutz, Florida

Super friendly staff, knowledgeable and overall good experience!

Brittany Edwards Brandon, FL

About a week ago I had this really painful tooth that just needed to come out ASAP. I called around and majority locations weren’t open on Saturdays or didn’t do tooth extractions on the weekend, so naturally, I got frustrated along with being in pain. On a grain of faith I called Lumina Dental in Brandon and was able to get an appointment and the tooth pulled that day. I was relieved I tell you! The staff was great/pleasant to the point I questioned that I was in a dental office. The extraction wasn’t costly nor did it take too long. I would recommend any/everyone to go to this location.

Lumina Dental is family owned and our dental practices are located in Tampa Bay.
At Lumina Dental we use the most advanced and latest technology available to
provide exceptional results in cosmetic, surgical and implant Dentistry.

Dental Emergencies and Walk-ins Always Welcome!
Weekend and After Hours Appointments Available!
No Insurance Necessary!
Easy Payment Plans, We Work with All Credit Types


Conveniently serving




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